SoKuL Body Wear

For What, By Whom and Why?

A Purpose is Born

Life is about purpose and meaning. Learing to overcome despite the obstacles, struggles and personal sabotage.

Carl who has had an interesting journey in transformation shares this journey in the video below.

Learn the Origin Story of SoKuL Body Wear and Discover Your Own.

The Founder & Creative Designer

Carl Robinson also known as the Musical Artist, singer/songwriter, spoke‚Äčn word poet  OooH Bay KooL. Carl creates his unique creative spiritual energy wear based upon his extensive knowledge and experience in working with energy fields.  Color vibrations attract and repel the positive and negative energy in our lives. It is Carl's Purpose to assist those seeking to heal and live in harmony by creating visual affirmations that reinforce your personal goals and look amazing doing it, WE Make being Spiritual Soo CooL.